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>>>>>[The first one on also has first choice of cover.]<<<<<

>>>>>[It is better to live a day as a Tiger than a life time as a worm]<<<<<
---Chain Saw

>>>>>[Corps think they knows evry thing but they do not even see their own hands in front of their face.]<<<<<
---Random Walk

>>>>>[When looking over your shoulder, remember to look in front of you too.]<<<<<
---Random Walk

>>>>>[All Mr. J's cary big cash. Corps can spare a Few J's. Put 1 and 1 together and what do you get?]<<<<<

>>>>>[Live with fire in your eyes and die with it in your heart]<<<<<

>>>>>[In a nasty ass run there is one rule: If it moves kill it, if it dosn't move, pick it up and kill it.]<<<<<

>>>>>[ cYbER eYeS SaVe LIveS And tAKE tHeM, sO gEt ThEm. ]<<<<<

>>>>>[A decker with a holdout thinks he is a streetsam. A streetsam with a calculator thinks he is a decker. Don´t bring those guys together...]<<<<<

>>>>>[If you search something in the Matrix....besure that nothing is searching you at the same moment!]<<<<<

>>>>>[If it hurts you are not dead....Yet.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Always remember: Every time you do something it could be already to late.]<<<<<

>>>>>[There is no Insect on this earth that can not be thrashed with one swift bootkick.
It all depends on the Boot that kicks.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Always be careful. If you don' it can get you killed. But even if you are: Be prepared to die!]<<<<<

>>>>>[Wer auch immer als erster geht kann der erste sein der stirbt. Nichtsdestotrotz kann der letzte trotzdem als letzter sterben.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Nur weil du in den Schatten läuft heisst das noch lange nicht, dass du die kennst!!!]<<<<<

>>>>>[Selbst die aufsteigende Sonne kann mit Ihrem Licht nicht alle Schatten vertreiben.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Traue keinen Auftraggeber nur weil er nicht Mr. Johnson heisst.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Nur die, denen du vertraust können dich verraten!!!]<<<<<

>>>>>[Never hesitate but always think.]<<<<<

>>>>>[Never stop a running team!!!]<<<<<

>>>>>[The 'Trix is often dark and dangerous. Try to bring some light there.]<<<<<

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